Making the Choice

What distinguishes RHEMA from other Bible schools?
Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin: "I think there's a spiritual atmosphere at RHEMA that you just don't find at many Bible schools."

Mrs. Oretha Hagin: "Often people have told me, 'When we step onto the RHEMA campus, there's such a peace, and we can feel the love of God.'"

Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin: "Such an atmosphere is attributed to the Spirit of God, of course, but another factor is that we personally endeavor to walk in love. Several years ago, I met a pastor at a ministers conference. He asked me to forgive him. He said, I spoke some things against you, not knowing the truth about your school. One of the young men in my church wanted to come to RHEMA and I discouraged him, but he attended anyway. When he came home for Christmas, I asked him somewhat sarcastically, "Well, I guess you've learned all about that faith business, haven't you?" The young man answered very tenderly, "No, Pastor. The greatest lesson I've learned at RHEMA is love."

That pastor said they both began to weep, and the pastor told me, "I saw such a change in that young man because of RHEMA that I had to say, Son, forgive me." In many Bible schools, some of which are denominationally oriented, people of varying beliefs may work there, and then everyone brings his or her own vision to the school. But here, everyone is interested in carrying out our vision. In many Bible schools, the founder has already died and gone on, and many times, someone else has come in and replaced the original vision with his own ideas. For example, I heard about two Bible colleges where the leadership stipulated that every instructor had to sign an affidavit affirming his or her belief in the Bible as the inspired Word of God. This became necessary because many of the students were graduating from those schools discounting the Bible as the Word of God. As a result, three or four professors resigned rather than to say they believed the Bible.

So I believe the distinguishing features of RHEMA Bible Training Center are:

  • the love of God in demonstration;
  • the anointing and the Presence of the Holy Spirit;
  • the commitment to the integrity of God's Word; and
  • the unity of RHEMA's vision and purpose."

What advice would you offer to those who are not certain if they should attend RHEMA?
Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin: "If someone is considering, What should I do with my life? RHEMA is a good place to come and find out. It would bless people to get a solid foundation and to get the things we teach at RHEMA into them."

Many times, when people are wondering whether or not they are called to the ministry, they just need to come on and get the training in the Word and in the Spirit. The training will bless them, even if God hasn't called them to preach or teach. And the training RHEMA provides will make them much better laborers when they return to their local churches. A lawyer from Florida asked if he and his wife could return to RHEMA to repeat the second year. He's not a preacher, but he said, "The training we received at RHEMA has been such a blessing to us that we just want to get back into that flow." You see, any time of preparation is never lost time.

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