Breaking the Bread of Revelation Vol. 1

Making sense of the Book of Revelation doesn't have to be hard. In fact, God wants you to be aware of end-time events. Gaining a clear understanding of Revelation will eliminate fear and enable you to be at peace about the future.

Making Sense of Revelation
Some believers read the Book of Revelation and end up biting their fingernails in fear. Others see its symbols and think ordinary people can never understand it. But God doesn't want His children fearful and ignorant.

In Breaking the Bread of Revelation, Volume 1, Brian McCallum urges us to rely on the Holy Spirit, the Author of the book, to help us understand its great spiritual truths. And by studying Revelation in light of the rest of the Bible, he lets the Word interpret itself.

Among other points, Rev. McCallum shows us:

    • How Revelation harmonizes with other New Testament letters
    • Revelation reveals God's grace
    • Two "ditches" to avoid regarding Revelation

God doesn't want us to store up food and water and hide in caves until the end comes. He wants us to understand His plans for coming events. As we do, we will be at peace about the future. And we can devote ourselves to His work for the Church: bringing a great harvest of souls into His Kingdom.

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