Campmeeting Classics - Volume 3 (CD)

The origin of Kenneth Hagin Ministries' Campmeeting can be traced back to January 1973. The Lord awakened Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin early one morning and instructed him to hold a special meeting in the spirit of old-time camp meetings. The first gatherings were called Faith Seminar and Indoor Campmeeting. The event is now simply called Campmeeting. Campmeeting Classics, Volume 3 is a 4-part audio collection of powerful messages from past Campmeetings. Enjoy insightful, inspirational teaching from the Word of God as shared by Campmeeting speakers over the years.

Volume 3 features the following messages:

  • Faith to Be Healed, Kenneth E. Hagin, 1973
  • Don't Quit, Kenneth W. Hagin, 1982
  • Faith's Corresponding Actions, Charles Capps, 1987
  • Operations of the Holy Spirit, J.R. Goodwin, 1973

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