Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 3 (3 CDs) - New Release

Kenneth E. Hagin outlines several ways in which Jesus ministered to the sick. As we follow after the Spirit of God, we too can minister to the sick and see them healed!

While Jesus was on the earth, He went about teaching, preaching, and healing the sick. In John 14:12, He told His disciples that believers would do the same works that He did. In Volume 3 of Doing the Works of Jesus Series, Kenneth E. Hagin focuses on the healings that were wrought during Jesus' time on the earth. He also shares stories about several healings that took place in his own ministry.

Rev. Hagin offers an in-depth study of ways people can be healed. He covers healing through the gift of special faith, working of miracles, and gifts of healings, as well as being healed through simple faith. As we put into practice the truths taught in this series, we can see healing manifest in the lives of those we come in contact with.

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