Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 4 (3 CDs) - New Release

In the fourth volume of this fascinating series, Rev. Hagin highlights how hearing God's Word, faith, healing, and gifts of the Holy Spirit are closely connected.

The Power to Heal
Jesus did many good works, including healing thousands of people. But He did not heal everyone the same way. And more often than not, the sick person's faith was involved in the healing.

Jesus told His disciples that they would do the works He did. And that still holds true for believers today. If we want to do the works of Jesus, we should study how He did them.

In Volume 4 of this fascinating audio teaching, Kenneth E. Hagin examines several ways Jesus healed. Using both Jesus' experiences and his own, Rev. Hagin focuses on healing through various biblical patterns, including teaching and the laying on of hands.


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