Praying With All Kinds of Prayer Series--Volume 1 (4 CDs) - New Release!

By knowing what kind of prayer to pray in every situation, we can unlock God’s rich storehouse of healing, prosperity, and guidance.

Praying Right Brings Results
Using the right number combination unlocks a bank safe. In the same way, praying the right kind of prayer unlocks every storehouse of God’s blessings. We can learn how to pray in every situation. And that lets us tap into God’s bountiful healing, prosperity, and guidance.

Beginning with Ephesians 6:18, Kenneth E. Hagin illustrates several types of Bible-based prayer. In Volume 1 of this five-volume teaching, Rev. Hagin includes New Testament evidence for the prayers of faith, agreement, and consecration. And he shows how those prayers can be applied. He also emphasizes that abiding in Christ and being led by the Holy Spirit are the foundation of a productive prayer life.



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